This buyers market is hot and people are eating up homes like popcorn at the movies. What can you do to make sure to add pizzazz to your home and help it sell? Here are five ways to design your home to appeal to buyers.

Let the curb appeal speak for itself.

Your front yard is the first thing that buyers will see, and first impressions are lasting. Lawns should be clean, trimmed, and free of weeds and clutter. Remove any dead plants and add a homey touch such as a rosebush or a bistro table set.

A little color can do wonders.

Plain white walls are a thing of the past. Now buyers expect to see pops of color and accent walls. Adding a fresh coat of paint to boring wall will not only help tie the furniture in your home together, but it will also help your location stay fresh in a buyers mind. Chose neutral colors that work with a range of decors such as a soft tan or a muted sage. Try to stay away from colors that are too bright and hard to paint over.

Revamp your kitchen and bath.

Kitchens and bathrooms are often the first thing buyers gravitate to. If you can afford new cabinets, go for it! Small budget? Just add new cabinet hardware to dress up existing cabinetry. Granite or faux granite counter tops also add value and a touch of class to any space. Take it a step further and add new plumbing fixtures.

Give buyers more space.

Most home buyers want large spaces for their belongings. Remove clutter and allow plenty of room to walk around furniture. Open window coverings let in natural sunlight and visually provide more space. A few decorative mirrors can also help provide the illusion of a more spacious room.

You can’t sell it if you can smell it.

Next to sight, the sense of smell is the top sense buyers used when selecting a home. Pet odors, cigarette smoke, and moldy odors will turn a buyer off quickly, even if a house is nicely designed. Make sure you home smells fresh. If lighting candles or using sprays, don’t use heavy perfume scents.

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