In these tough economic times, homeowners are just trying to survive in this mortgage hungry society. With foreclosure and short sale statistics climbing like a hungry monkey in a banana tree, it’s a wonder how so many are surviving on a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle! But take heart; there‘s always hope! Here are three creative ways to pay your mortgage.
 1) Goodbye, worldly possessions!:  No matter what your religion or beliefs, sometimes it pays to invest in a Buddhist-like lifestyle and simply simplify. Buddhist believe we spend our lives working for possessions we are too busy to enjoy. This doesn’t necessarily mean sell every item in your house. Every few months clean out your closets and find items to sell that are just collecting dust. Clothes, toys, and furniture that’s just taking up space can earn the average homeowner hundreds if they play their cards right.
 2) Hello Neighbor!:  When you were a child, you were always taught to share with others. What better way to bring those childhood lessons to light by sharing with your neighbors? Some neighborhoods have built tight knit communities to help cut costs by carpooling to save gas, taking turns watching each other’s children to save daycare costs, splitting the internet bill, or even buying food items in bulk and sharing the food bill. Maybe you can’t rally every neighbor on the block, but even the participation of one neighbor could help shave your budget and contribute money to your mortgage so you can keep your home and those wonderful neighbors!
3) Open your homeIf you have an extra room and a family member, friend, or someone who’s passed a vigorous background screening then why not rent out that space for a portion of your monthly mortgage payment? If you have a space that works and is within your states rental rules and regulations, then renting is a great way to help with the mortgage costs. You can also rent out extra space like a garage for storage or vehicles if you have the space to spare as long as you have insurance to cover the space.

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