home for saleThe process of selling a home used to entail telling every one of your family members and friends and posting a sign outside on the yard.

However, times have changed and now it’s just as easy to sell your house to an out-of-state real estate investor as it is to the neighbor across the street. How is this true?

The Web as a Marketing Tool

The Internet has brought homebuyers and sellers together in a way like nothing else.

With so much interest in U.S. real estate by foreigners, you may end up selling your home to someone who never even sees it in person. This sounds far fetched but it’s happening more often.

Specialized Websites for Home Sales

Sites like OpenOffer that not only offer home listings, but also information needed to get them for the best price, home sales no longer rely on word of mouth in order to be profitable.

Pictures Worth a Thousand Dollars

So how do you get in on this craze? The first step is to take great pictures of your house. Make sure every single one of them shows off the space you enjoy and the full expanse of both the front and back yards.

This will give the online viewer a kind of 3D experience when they are looking at your property. Pictures are often the tipping point when potential buyers are trying to choose with house to move ahead on.

Social Media Friendly Ads

Remember to share any links you have on your social media pages as well. Links at OpenOffer are very easy to share and let you get the opinion of other family members on a home before you even talk to one person.

If you know about this, then certainly homebuyers who are active in the market do as well. Make sure your listing is social media friendly with lots of unique information highlighting the most popular features of the location.

Highlight Favorite Neighborhood Features

Is there any particular reason why families settle in your neighborhood? Do you have excellent schools or are there opportunities of another sort?

Put these in the environmental factors surrounding the house so buyers can immediately see what the other attractions are. The surrounding environment will be very important for families, especially those with young children who like to socialize.

Price your house accordingly. Buyers are aware that you want to make a profit and they are prepared to pay a certain amount. However, if you price your house too far above the rest of the local properties, it’s not going to receive as many offers.

This could delay any plans you have to move on or into a new residence. Feel free to discuss this with a local real estate agent and they can help you nail down an appropriate price for the home and the surrounding amenities.

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