Selling a luxury home in La Jolla seems like it may be easy to do. Seeing as how La Jolla is full of amazing luxury estates that stand above all others, who wouldn’t want to buy here? Well, just because you love your luxury estate doesn’t mean that home buyers walking into your home are going to have the same appreciation.

There’s a saying. “He couldn’t see the forest from the trees.” That’s a colloquial way of saying that someone is short sighted. Which is easy for anyone to see things. Especially someone entering into the real estate market.

Whether you’re buying a home or selling a home, it’s a big move. Life altering decisions like uprooting you and your family can put a lot of stress on your shoulders. Well, thanks to, I’d like to tell you that a good portion of that pressure is about to be lifted. That doesn’t mean that you’re completely footless and fancy free though.

Selling a luxury home in La Jolla is no different than selling any home. The first thing you need to do is put yourself in the buyers shoes. Walk into every room of your house and imagine that it’s the first time you’ve walked in. Here are some things to keep in mind.


1) Is the space open? Can home buyers picture themselves in the home; where they would set up their living areas, dining room table, artwork, etc.? Or is there clutter in the area? By clutter I mean, and don’t take offense, your belongings. It’s fine to have some of your stuff in the house of course, but too much makes it hard for the buyer to use their imagination.

2) Are there any renovations that need to made? Don’t be afraid to spend a little money to max out the amount you can get for your home. $10,000 here and $10,000 there can easily make you another $100,000. Yes it takes time (and money of course) but it’s worth considering. Think of it this way, the extra money you make by selling your luxury La Jolla estate can go into purchasing your new home.

Lastly visit and become the master of your domain. Literally. OpenOffer will give you all of the tools to get the best possible price for your luxury La Jolla home.

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