Interviewing Your Real Estate Agent ImageIf you’re ready to sell your home, you may have considered hiring a real estate agent. These professionals have connections to help you sell your house quicker, but they all have different skill and experience levels.

In order to find out if you have the right person in mind, there are some questions you can ask them.

This interview process is very informal of course, and most likely could be accomplished over coffee. Of course, you don’t want to work your way through an entire office, as this could create animosity between the coworkers.

Instead, pick an agent from each of the real estate companies in your hometown and talk to them individually.

Experience in Real Estate

Hiring an agent with experience can solve a lot of problems for you right away. They know how to anticipate the various problems that could arise and how to solve them if they already have.

When you have a professional like this on your side, the procedure becomes less stressful and more productive. This is especially true if they have worked in the city for a long time and are familiar with the various neighborhoods and communities.

Talk about Success Rates

Ask them what their statistics are in terms of negotiating real estate sales that are below list price. This will tell you what performance to expect in your own sale and how much potential profit there will be.

Of course, it also depends on how quickly you want to sell your home, as this could affect their marketing strategy. Ask them if their success includes using the MLS or traditional advertising through word of mouth and direct mail.

References are Preferred

Another benefit an experienced real estate agent will have is a list of reference for you to talk to. These will be satisfied clients who either bought or sold a home with them.

See if you can call them to see what they liked about working with this agent and if they would recommend them again. This will be very helpful when you’re faced with numerous agents to choose from, especially in the same communities.

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