With the recent economic upheaval and unemployment rates on the rise, many people are considering relocating to another part of the country in search of greater opportunities, a fresh start, and in San Diego’s case: perfect weather. While relocation isn’t for everyone and moving your life to a new city can be daunting, choosing to move to San Diego has been the right one for generations of Americans. Is it the right one for you? Should you just sell your home and buy a home in San Diego? in this economy?

The appeal of a SoCal lifestyle is easy to understand: warm evenings spent eating grilled fish on the outside deck, seagulls playing on the salty ocean breeze by your home, long red sunsets stretched along a soft tan beach. But San Diego is much more than beach bums and palm trees. Although the overall tempo of this part of the world is easygoing with laid-back attitudes and plenty of smiles, San Diego is a world-class city that offers opportunities galore for business, culture and recreation.

Moving to San Diego means you will live in a safe and clean city with outdoor activities galore, whether you like surfing, hiking, or walking the dog. With a friendly and diverse population, many newcomers find fitting in as easy as slipping on a pair of beach sandals. Nightlife and entertainment options abound, and from dance clubs in the Gaslamp Quarter to a family day at Sea World, life in San Diego boasts a wide variety of attractions for all kinds of people.

With all those sunny days, back porch barbeques and crashing ocean waves, San Diego is more than a city. It is a lifestyle. Relocating to Southern California means you are not only changing your zip code, you are changing your outlook on life. And for most new home buyers who relocated going back to their home town, is simply not a consideration anymore. Welcome to San Diego.

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