home buyingIf you are selling your home, you may end up holding an open house.

The first step to holding a successful open house is to advertise. You want to write good ad copy and place it in as many places that you think home buyers will see it. This includes newspapers and online.

Think about where you place your open house signs. You want to make sure it leads people to your home. Place a sign with balloons at a nearby busy intersection where there will be a lot of eyes on it. Then, walk to your house placing arrow signs that lead people to your door.

Make sure that the potential home buyers have a clear view of the home by keeping the driveway and curb in front of the home free of cars.

When you are inside the home, keep the curtains, blinds, or drapes open. You want a lot of natural light inside the home to make it look as attractive as possible. You should also turn on all of the lights in each room, except any that make a large, loud noise.

Refrain from using synthetic home fresheners or sprays because many people are allergic to perfumes.

It’s a good idea to offer light refreshments or snacks. You should definitely have cold water available, especially if it is a warm day.

Have photos available of your home throughout the year so that the potential buyers can get an idea of what it looks like in each season. This is especially useful if you have a garden or a particularly extensive yard.

Make sure that all documents relating to the home are available. This includes inspection reports, appraisals, major repairs and warranties.

Be as polite and cheerful as possible when guiding prospective buyers through your home. It’s important to be friendly with them. Ask them what they are looking for in their home search and show them how your home may fit their requirements.

Lastly, when people are leaving, it’s okay to ask them for feedback. It might be uncomfortable for you but it’s a good idea to ask what the potential buyer’s opinion about the home might be.

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