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Buying a House for Rental Income

If you understand the steps to getting a property ready for rent, then you can make money with a second or third home. Use these tips when you’re getting a house ready for renters and you’ll be more profitable in the long term. View the property through an occupant’s eyes and it should be everything they are looking for.

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Comments Off on Home Builders Breakneck Pace Fastest in 4 Years

Home Builders Breakneck Pace Fastest in 4 Years

The United States Commerce Department said in January that the pace at which home builders broke ground for new homes in December of 2012 was its fastest in more than four years, surging 12.1 percent to a 954,000-unit yearly rate. The report gave much of the credit for this meteoric rise to December’s multifamily [...]
Comments Off on Should You Watch the Real Estate Market?

Should You Watch the Real Estate Market?

Real estate is an ever-changing landscape, no pun intended. It can be hard to know the best time to invest in any property. The fluctuation of house values and mortgage prices can be difficult to predict as well. Usually, when one of the experts says with finality, “This is definitely the bottom of [...]
Comments Off on Buying Strategies for Fixer-Uppers

Buying Strategies for Fixer-Uppers

When people in real estate are selling fixer-uppers, they are usually well aware of the problems. Either they don’t have the money to fix them up or they don’t have the willingness or time. This works out to a bargain for anyone looking to pick up some cheap property as long as they don’t mind [...]
Comments Off on The Changing Face of Real Estate Investing

The Changing Face of Real Estate Investing

Experienced real estate investors know it’s always a good sign when construction starts up again. Dormant periods are caused when the economy is so low that developers know home buyers are scarce and unable to pay for such a large purchase at the time. When the economy turns around, home building begins once again and [...]
Comments Off on 3 important real estate myths

3 important real estate myths

Opportunities abound in a down housing market. The recent spate of foreclosures has home buyers and real estate investors in a tizzy. People with the right amount of capital are greedily eyeing the low prices produced by the catastrophic explosion of the housing bubble in 2007. Buy low sell high is the most [...]
Comments Off on Three Things to Look for in a Foreclosure Listing

Three Things to Look for in a Foreclosure Listing

Foreclosures present a tantalizing option for real estate investors. The prospect of finding a pristine property competitively priced because of a down market makes many speculators salivate. The unfortunate reality is that many foreclosures are not fit for purchase, let alone investment or resale. The down market provides some opportunities for people looking [...]
Comments Off on Five Delicious Tips for Successful Flips!

Five Delicious Tips for Successful Flips!

Most people think real estate flipping is financial suicide. They’ve been burnt in the past or are inundated with the negativity the media shoves down your throat about the housing market. Don’t listen to those “Debbie Downers“! If you find a delicious piece of property to offer, you can be rolling in the [...]