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Comments Off on Get Your Foreclosure Flu Shot!

Get Your Foreclosure Flu Shot!

  There’s an epidemic sweeping the U.S. faster than swine flu. The foreclosure rate is rising like a fever temperature and spreading like a cold! So before your real estate property gets sick, make sure to get your foreclosure flu shot! Here are four remedies to help with foreclosure. 1. Under the weather and unemployed. [...]
Comments Off on Are You A Victim of Wrongful Foreclosure?

Are You A Victim of Wrongful Foreclosure?

Sometimes innocent people end up in prison. Sometimes doctors misdiagnose a patient‘s illness. And sometimes, homeowners are victims of a wrongful foreclosure. There have been many foreclosure horror stories reported throughout the U.S. Recounts of homeowners who owned their property coming home to an empty, damaged house. Or a terrified homeowner frantically trying [...]
Comments Off on California’s Recent Foreclosure Surge

California’s Recent Foreclosure Surge

The LA times recently reported that more properties have entered the foreclosure process during the month of August this year than ever reported. This is largely caused by Bank of America, one of the leading home financing lenders in the U.S. Bank of America has increased their foreclosure processes in many states such [...]
Comments Off on Get Paid to Walk Away From Your Home

Get Paid to Walk Away From Your Home

Homeowners caught in the clutches of an underwater mortgage and stressful real estate property debt could certainly use a break. Lenders are realizing that disgruntled homeowners can either vandalize and walk away from their home, or refuse to pay their mortgage and basically live in their house for free while lenders process a lengthy [...]
Comments Off on 5 Easy Steps to The Perfect Hardship Letter

5 Easy Steps to The Perfect Hardship Letter

Homeowners seeking solace from an overwhelming mortgage payment have many hoops to jump through to avoid foreclosure. The most crucial ingredient needed in all foreclosure prevention processes is the hardship letter. A hardship letter explains to your lender why you are not able to make your mortgage payments or why you have fallen [...]
Comments Off on Find The Right Foreclosure Prevention Program for You!

Find The Right Foreclosure Prevention Program for You!

Many homeowners fear the social stigma associated with foreclosure because it’s a stressful, time consuming process, badly damages your credit, and stays on your record for seven years. Fortunately, there are alternative options for struggling homeowners who want to keep their home or walk away from it easier. A loan modification is one [...]
Comments Off on Why Can’t I Get A Loan Modification??!

Why Can’t I Get A Loan Modification??!

Millions of homeowners are struggling to pay their mortgages, and you may be one of them. Many desperately want to keep their homes and are fighting the foreclosure battle. But in a country literally drowning in short sales and foreclosures many confused Americans are left wondering, “Why is it so hard to get [...]

Freddie Mac, Non-Profit Groups Team Up to Help Discouraged Borrowers Pursue Loan Modifications

I just wanted to publish the following article with hopes that some of you out there will see that help is on the way. I have not found any Freddie Mac help centers in San Diego yet but I am sure they have a few offices that you can call. Feel free to [...]