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Negotiate before you buy or sell
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Renting Versus Buying Checklist

If you are trying to decide between continuing to rent your home or buying a home, it helps to consult a checklist of some important information about purchasing a home. Home ownership can often have a lot of hidden costs you may not have calculated.

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Comments Off on Questions to Ask About a New Neighborhood

Questions to Ask About a New Neighborhood

When you are shopping around for a new home, don’t just look at the home. What you should be doing is asking yourself about the neighborhood, as well. It’s important to spend time in a neighborhood, both in a car and on foot, to determine if it is the right choice for you [...]
Comments Off on Renting Versus Buying Checklist

Renting Versus Buying Checklist

Chances are, if you’re trying to decide between renting a home or buying a home in San Diego, you’ve made your fair share of pro and con lists. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to making this kind of a financial decision about your future. After all, home [...]