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Comments Off on Obama Considers Executive Actions on Housing

Obama Considers Executive Actions on Housing

According to the Washington Post on Monday, President Barack Obama is considering a series of new executive actions aimed at working around a recalcitrant Congress, including policies that could allow struggling homeowners to refinance their mortgages. Obama is weighing whether to use his executive authority to give more of the country’s nearly 11 million [...]
Comments Off on Utility Checkups and Monthly House Bills

Utility Checkups and Monthly House Bills

You may have received a notification from your utility provider about services provided to homeowners. Oftentimes, these will include a one-time free checkup for your entire house. During this process, they will check the windows, frames, doorways and vent system to see where, if any, of your dollars are flying out into the air. Some of [...]
Comments Off on Getting Ready for a Home Appraisal

Getting Ready for a Home Appraisal

You know how you clean to get ready for the housekeeper to come? The same sort of concept applies when a homeowner is getting ready for an appointment with the appraiser. While cleaning up for a housekeeper may be unnecessary, doing so for an appraiser is actually worth your time. The less clutter you [...]
Comments Off on Can Bad Neighbors Ruin the Perfect Real Estate?

Can Bad Neighbors Ruin the Perfect Real Estate?

Anytime you move into a new house, you probably wonder who lives next door. If you haven’t had time to do any neighborhood research before, then you may discover this as time goes by. However, if you’re purchasing a house to rent out, this is important information to have first. If the neighbors are [...]
Comments Off on The top three hidden foreclosure defects

The top three hidden foreclosure defects

There’s no question that this recent recession and the explosion of the housing bubble created a wave of foreclosures that crashed all across the country. From Atlantic City, New Jersey to San Diego, California, foreclosures and abandoned properties are springing up left and right. For many homeowners this fact is a source of [...]
Comments Off on Best ways to flip foreclosures

Best ways to flip foreclosures

Real estate investment is a very speculative game. Like any other type of investment, be it stocks, bonds or private equity, real estate comes with some degree of risk. Low risk investments like government bonds and treasury notes have a correspondingly low rate of return on investment. Real estate is a high risk [...]
Comments Off on Top 3 Foreclosure Myths

Top 3 Foreclosure Myths

Foreclosures are everywhere these days. Subprime lending practices at every level of banking and the broadest, deepest recession since the great depression have coupled to make a wholly hellish experience for homeowners. It’s no surprise that home buyers are struggling. Wages are going down while interest rates on shady mortgages keep going up. [...]
Comments Off on Are you ready to paint your home?

Are you ready to paint your home?

Every homeowner has needed to paint their home at some point. It’s one of the most common ways to decorate or redecorate a home. Painting a room professionally can be very easy as long as you are careful and consider a few important tips and tricks. By doing a good job the first time, you [...]
Comments Off on Tax Benefits of Owning a Home

Tax Benefits of Owning a Home

Owning a home is much more than a status symbol or even a secure place for your family to live. You can benefit financially by taking advantage of tax benefits that are specific to homeowners. However, if you don’t understand what these are, then you may not be motivated to purchase your own [...]
Comments Off on 3 ways to prevent foreclosure

3 ways to prevent foreclosure

The real estate market is hurting. If you find yourself more strapped for cash than usual, you’re not alone. The recent financial downturn was in no small part due to an overload of debt on the shoulders of the American people. One of the biggest debts you probably hold as a private citizen [...]