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Important Facts About Building a Pool

Pools may or may not add value to a home. But if you have decided to build a pool, there are a number of things to consider. Cost, materials used, maintenance, all factor in and are important things to understand before building a pool.

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Comments Off on Preparing Your Child for a Move

Preparing Your Child for a Move

If your family is preparing for a move, you may notice your children can seem a little bit anxious at the prospect. It can be traumatic for a child when their family moves, especially if a child must change schools and make new friends. But if you talk with your child, you can [...]
Comments Off on Choosing a Neighborhood that “Fits”

Choosing a Neighborhood that “Fits”

San Diego offers many types of neighborhoods, so which one is right for you and your family? When you’re in the market for a home, the type of neighborhood is an important factor to consider. In many cases, you can’t simply judge by appearances. The value of a piece of real estate– whether a house [...]
Comments Off on Easing the Stress of Relocation

Easing the Stress of Relocation

You may have heard the statistic that moving is the third biggest stressor following death and divorce. Buying a new house or apartment can be a dream come true, but relocating to a new place, even if its sunny San Diego, can throw our lives upside down. The moving process rips you away [...]