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Negotiate before you buy or sell
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Competing for a Home Purchase or Sale

With all the information you need to share during a real estate transaction, the offers previously received are not included. This has pros and cons as a buyer or seller, but there are ways to work around this. If you know your rights as a real estate buyer or seller, then you’ll know how to get the information you need and compare local properties properly.

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Comments Off on Should You Pay Off Your Home?

Should You Pay Off Your Home?

Most people dream of owning their own home, but is paying it off really in your best interests? If not, why wouldn’t it be? Isn’t the ideal situation to be debt free and not have to make any payments? The truth of the matter may surprise you. The worst thing you can do financially is to [...]
Comments Off on Low Appraisal Values Hurting High-Priced Listings

Low Appraisal Values Hurting High-Priced Listings

As if the multimillion-dollar housing market wasn’t complicated enough for real estate professionals, the New York Times reports it has become even more challenging thanks primarily to appraisal values that are significantly lower than the parties’ often already agreed upon value. Appraisers seeking comparative recent sales data on suburban real estate might find themselves [...]
Comments Off on Financial Planning for a Mortgage

Financial Planning for a Mortgage

Buying a house is no doubt the biggest financial decision most of us will ever make. Developing a financial plan is the first step when you’re looking to commit to a mortgage on a house or other property. It may be overwhelming for first time buyers, but you just need to use a [...]