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Act Now, Save Thousands Later on your Mortgage?

We all would love to save money on our home mortgages. This much is apparent to current homeowners and potential homebuyers alike. However, what many might not know is that the opportunity to do so might be slipping away with each passing day.

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Home Selling

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Selling a Condo in Downtown San Diego Just Got Easier

Selling a downtown San Diego condo has never been that hard to tell you the truth. San Diego is, after all, the 8th largest city in the United States. And seeing as how the Downtown area of large cities tend to be hot spots of activity then you can imagine that condos tend [...]
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Your Prescription for Selling Your Scripps Ranch Home

If you’re selling a Scripps Ranch house in the current market there are a few things you need to be aware of that can aide you in that task. Scripps Ranch, while a part of the city of San Diego, is it’s own town. It’s got it’s own feel and that is evident [...]
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Selling Your House For The Best Price

Yes, the market is changing in favor of sellers but slowly more home owners are putting their houses on the market which brings inventories of resale homes higher. There are things you, as a home seller, can do to “sweeten the pot” and make your property more attractive to potential homebuyers. Home & Appliance [...]
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Would a Deck Increase the Value of Your Home

Have you ever seen a beautiful home with a deck and thought you’d love to own it? That’s basically the thought process of anyone who sees a house like this because it affords so much more for the homeowner. It’s a perfect place for parties, get-togethers, family events and just relaxing in the evening. For [...]
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Preparing Your Home for Sale on A Budget

If you are preparing to sell your home, you will want to do few things in order to ensure that your home sells quickly and for the best possible price. Many people like to do small repairs and renovations when preparing a home for sale in order to increase asking prices and get [...]
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Staying Organized When Selling Your Home or Just Moving Out

When you are selling your home and preparing for a big move, it can often be tricky to stay organized. It’s important to keep track of what you are doing, what items you have packed, and to keep all of your things organized in order to make sure nothing gets lost or misplaced [...]
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Selling a Home That Had Pets

If you are preparing to sell your home , you will have a lot on your mind. But selling a home where pets have lived can come with an additional set of difficulties. Some people, including your potential buyers, dislike pets. Pets in the home can be a distraction and can cause you [...]
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Remodeling and Future Home Value

As you remodel your house, the main focus of the project might be what you love at the moment. But what if you’re thinking about selling your property time in the future? If you’re going to invest into this kind of real estate improvement, then try to include more popular features. This makes it [...]
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Selling Your House with Curb Appeal

Homeowners who want to sell their house may focus on the inside of the home and with good intentions.However, the whole objective of curb appeal is to make sure your house looks attractive to potential home buyers before they even open the door. Many people use this first impression glance to decide whether they [...]
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Selling Your Home in a Down Market

When the real estate market isn’t positive, it can be hard to sell a property. However, you can succeed if you make the right preparations. Getting the property ready for viewing costs a bit of money, but you do earn that money back. You’d be surprised at how low-cost options really make a difference [...]