Ever since the housing market has taken a dive, people are seeking ways to make investments that will have a return. Luckily, land investment is still a popular option that offers a high return despite our current economic state. Investors can make money by buying land, letting it go up in value over time, and then reselling it. Here are four dynamite reasons it’s smart to buy land.

1. You’ll diversify your dividends. IRA’s, bonds, and stock investments are great options, but usually bring in very little money due to low interest rates. Bonds and IRA’s only offer an average interest rate of 2% with a 4% return. But according to the Chartered Surveyor’s Rural Land Market Survey the value of land in the US has increased by 6.5% a year in the last 20 years promising a much higher return.

2. You’ll be on top of supply and demand. Land is a lucrative investment because the supply for land is falling while the demand is rising. Imagine owning land that is in demand by the government for rezoned commercial use such as a freeway or even future housing development? If you stick with your investment and watch the trends of supply and demand, you’ll most certainly see some return on your investment.

3. You’ll have lower risk. If you do your research and don‘t buy in an overpriced area, you’ll have very little risk with buying land. Patience paired with liability insurance usually promises financial reward to the investors who play the game right. Most people who invest in land know it’s a long term process but luckily land values rarely depreciate. In fact, land will usually appreciate past the price it was purchased at!

4. You can become Captain Planet. If you’re worried about companies overdeveloping or harming a natural ecosystem area, buying specific land helps give you the power to control who purchases it and what happens to it. There’s very little that you can do to land to devalue it so you can even choose to add plant life to help conserve it.

 For a list of available land in the San Diego area visit http://www.openoffer.com/land.

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