Despite our current economic recession, not every aspect of real estate has taken a dive. Investors are still buying commercial real estate, and it is an industry that is surprisingly thriving. Commercial real estate encompasses many types of properties such as apartments, condos, office buildings, and retail. Smart investors know to buy properties low and screen for tenants who will pay on time. Here are three current trends to watch if you are considering purchasing commercial properties.

Win over banks. Many banks are leery of large financial loans due to the flailing housing market. So don’t be surprised if you run into underwriters that are hard to negotiate with. More established businesses who are raking in measurable income have better luck securing those lower interest rate loans than small business owners. The best thing small business owners can do is have a solid business plan that shows the potential for consistent income as well as having proof of pristine credit to win over difficult underwriters.

Green environment = green cash. Businesses are steadily “going green” to lessen their carbon foot print and up their advertisement ante. Many investors are now trying to find more ways to make their purchased properties more environmentally friendly. They are introducing using recycled materials, using lower energy light bulbs, and cutting back waste. Some are even converting their business into a paperless office by eliminating printing and utilizing e-mail, e-fax, and scanning systems. Investors who are open to sustainable adaptations are not only helping improve the environment, but will also attract more green friendly tenants who will ultimately cut costs and pay it forward.

Give temps a chance. It used to be that renting a commercial space was done for the long haul. Retail stores, office buildings, and restaurants signedlease contracts that practically locked them in for life! But now, temporary tenants and leases are becoming more common and dominant. Tenants are using commercial real estate spaces for temporary or seasonal needs for their business which is always better than having no tenants!

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