Good news real estateinvestors and well-to-do homebuyers! Brad Pitt has listed his amazing beach house in Malibu, Calif. for only $13.75 million! Pitt also reportedly bought a renovated home in France. It’s possible this purchase was made anonymously to protect Pitt and Jolie’s privacy.

 “Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker was the mysterious buyer of an $8.45 million townhouse in Park Slope under a limited liability company name. Pitt, Parker, and other celebrities are known for making anonymous real estateoffers on different and sometimes multiple properties so that they can remain undetected. Celebrities don’t want a bunch of people knowing where they live or where they keep their summer home. They don’t want to look out the window and see a bunch of starry eyed fans hungrily panting for autographs! But anonymous offers on real estate transactions aren’t just for celebrities and the super rich anymore! Here are two ways to buy a property privately.

Form an LLC:  More and more well to do homebuyers and investors are choosing to purchase real estate under a corporate LLC name. The New York Times reported one recent buyerof a gorgeous mansion to actually be a Google engineer who wanted to hide the sales price of the property from colleagues who were paid less. Apparently brokers state that garish spending is a faux pass so anonymous LLC buying is becoming very popular for privacy. Homeowners who have money, don’t always want others to know that they have it to spend.  Anonymous realestate negotiations provide much sought after privacy.

And the Nominees are…:  Homebuyers can also select a nominee to conduct a real estatetransaction on behalf of them to keep their identities hidden.   This option allows a nominee to enter the property purchase contract which is then assigned to the Principal who closes on the purchase, or the nominee can take the title to the property to convey to the Principal.  This is another great option for homeowners or investors who want to make a private purchase. 

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