Years ago many migrated to the United States in hopes of more opportunities and freedom. There was a dream that working hard would pay off in the end when you came to America. No person would be treated differently because American was said to be the land of the free. All someone had to do was get a job, work hard, and they would lead a happy fulfilled life in America. That person would be able to buy a home, raise a family, and live with chances that were unimaginable back home. For many this seemed to be realistic. Many who came to America were comfortable in their new lives and so the American Dream was born.

However, today many have a different view on the American Dream. People no longer want to be comfortable; they want to live a life of leisure. People want more than what the last generation had. Now we have reality television that will give anyone ten seconds of fame. For many the American Dream has changed. Still there are those who want to work and make their way in life. There are those who still want to raise a family in a house that they were able buy because of their hard work. A home still seems to be the goal of many. A place to call your own still seems to say that a person has made it.

With the market in the shape that it is in, many Americans have moved to renting homes as the safer bet. Homes seem to be repossessed everyday because a family member looses his job and can no longer pay. Renting seems to take some of the pressure off of those who cannot afford their homes. Although many have move towards renting, owning a house still matters to many Americans.

A house gives a person security and a place to come home to. After a long day it is nice to know that you can go to a place that you own. A home makes a person feel as though they have achieved something. The American Dream is still alive within the housing market. Working hard to move up in life, owning a house, and raising a family will never be totally lost.

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