The freezing streets of Chicago. The dusty tornados of Topeka. The sweltering heat of Phoenix. Wouldn’t you rather be living life in sunny San Diego? San Diego is undeniably one of the most beautiful areas to live and has a lot to offer. Here are five magnificent reasons to relocate to San Diego.

We’ve got jobs for you!: Believe it or not, San Diego still has job growth despite our current economical state. In fact, San Diego employers expect to hire at a steady pace during Quarter 2 for 2011, according to a survey by Manpower Inc. We all know San Diego isn’t known for being an inexpensive place to live, so a great job will help you afford it all.

Don’t know “weather” or not to live here?: Who wants to melt under sweltering heat waves or not to go to the park, because it’s covered in four feet of snow? San Diego doesn’t have those extreme weather problems, and that is one of the main reasons many chose to relocate here. Pick just about any day of the year to go to the beach or stroll through the many charming shops at Seaport Village.

So much to do, so little time!: If you’ve ever lived in a small town, then you know there’s not much to do for fun. San Diego offers numerous recreational activities so there’s always something to do here. From parks, to shopping, to recreational amusement parks like Sea World and Lego Land. If you find yourself bored in San Diego, then you’re just not looking hard enough!

Culture club: San Diego is a melting pot city filled with diverse cultures. In addition to great museums celebrating many cultures, you’ll find amazing food! San Diego has nearly 5,000 different restaurants of all styles.

A roof over your head: There’s a variety of housing to choose from in San Diego’s booming housing market. The real estate market offers housing that’s expected to rise in value by more than 20 percent. The styles range from modern to historic. For a listing of available San Diego real estate check out


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