The key to a successful real estate investment is efficiency and keeping up appearances. If you’re looking for San Diego foreclosures or short sales to make a quick buck by flipping houses, make sure you know the best ways to improve the external appearance of the home.

Peeling paint or faded walls can turn off many investors who see it as a daunting task to fix up the property. But if you’re smart about it, you can snatch up the quick sales and make the house or condo look as good as new. It’s easy to make a profit in such scenarios. Follow this guide for some tips on repainting houses.

The first question many home buyers might wonder is How to repaint a wall with peeling paint. Peeling paint often results when the surface that the paint is brushed onto has too much moisture or other imperfections.

You will want to remove the loose paint with a scraper and then a wire brush. Then repair any cracks or holes with sealing putty. Sand down the area to smooth out the bumps, then wipe with a cloth. Finally apply primer and paint by following the product directions for each.

If you are faced with old wood siding that is fading, you can easily update the area with a little paint and primer. This will improve the look and condition of your property, as well as make it last for years into the future.

The decision to paint seems like a huge one because of the area it covers, but in reality painting is one of the cheapest and easiest fixes to a house. It is a project you can complete on your own, and the materials are particularly cheap and accessible.

Another question you might have as an investor buying cheap or foreclosed homes is, what color should I paint my house? It depends on the San Diego neighborhood and the kind of culture there- whether people are flashy or conservative. But white is a good bet. It is neutral and creates the illusion of space. It makes a house look clean, classy, and reflects positivity to a prospective home buyer.

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