What Condo Insurance Covers:

Condo insurance covers your home with the simple things like lighting or any damages caused by circumstances not created by the insured. If there is a problem with your lighting or plumbing, condo insurance will cover it. However, if a problem arises with something that happened within the home, and was somewhat of an accident, condo insurance probably will not cover it. Though, outer circumstantial problems such as theft or hailstorms give you the right to proceed with a claim, and have your insurance policy speak for you in return for the damages that have occurred.

What Condo Insurance Does Not Cover:

For most insurance companies, the insured will not be protected from anything that happens unintentionally inside the condo depending on circumstance. If you need coverage for expensive or personal things that are located within the walls of your town house, or condo, you will most likely need a personal articles insurance policy. Condo insurance protects the basic structure of the condo. In order to insure everything that you feel needs protection on the inside of your home, you will need to create an extra policy just for those items specifically.

Why You Need to Insure Your Condo:

Why do you need insurance for a little condo you might ask? The reason is simple; you need condo insurance just like you need home insurance. Even if the insured is not going to be living in that condo for a long time, you still need to be protected just in case something out of your control may occur. It is very easy to save money and act like nothing will happen in the mean time, though when something occurs, the owner of that town house will be very regretful of not owning a DP3, or, dwelling/condo insurance policy.

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