There are plenty of affordable fixer-uppers and other good deals on homes and apartments in San Diego county. If you want a to cash in on the low prices in the real estate market, and find a bargain home or fixer-upper, make sure you look for the right kind of property. You want to find a  San Diego  house with the kind of needs that give it a low price, but are still do-able for a reasonable investment.

Here are some places to focus your fixes on:

Replace the kitchen fixtures, including the faucet and cabinet doors. Add new lighting fixtures to brighten the room. Prospective buyers will often may a bee-line to the kitchen to check out the details, so make sure it’s a priority when preparing to sell.

Fix up the bathroom. Buyers will look for a fresh-looking bath. Replace fixtures with shiny new ones, and get a new toilet seat for cheap. New vinyl tiles are a cheap option if your flooring is aging.

Get a professional carpet cleaning. This will improve the appearance of your house by a significant amount. If you are selling a home, it may not be best not to buy brand new carpeting in case the new owners might want to replace it themselves.

Some realtors suggest adding do-it-yourself closet organizers to closets that are small and crapped. This will add the additional storage space that can be a major selling point for the home.

Spruce up the front door handle. Having a solid door handle signifies to the buyer a solid home, some real estate agents suggest.

Consider Curb Appeal. Many prospective buyers will make a decision based on driving by a house. Make sure the lawn is mowed and try to add plants or other front yard detailing to appeal to the eyes.

De-clutter by removing unnecessary items from sight. This will give the appearance of a larger, more open house and will appeal to many buyers.

Check out the foreclosures throughout San Diego, including in  San Marcos and Carlsbad.

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