Curb appeal can make or break a home sale and drive up the value of the properties on your entire block. Agents and cities as well as home buyers themselves are well aware that the aesthetic quality of a home affects the value of the whole neighborhood as well as the house itself. It’s a crucial element to a successful sale of any house, condominium, and even luxury estate. Prospective buyers may simply drive by a house and judge it by its outward appearance before considering walking through. So its essential that you consider how the property appears from the street. Try to disassociate yourself from the sentimental aspects that you love about your home, like the funky holiday flags you hang up on your porch. Instead, think of your home as a commodity, and consider how outsiders will perceive it.

Here are some tips for improving the curb appeal of your condo, house, or mansion:

  1. Create symmetry in the entryway by adding corresponding elements on either side of the door. You can add potted plants, light fixtures, or other accents to make the entry more welcoming.
  2. Replace old hardware with new, matching metal fixtures.
  3. Remove dirt, mold, and mildew from outside areas including walls and concrete.
  4. Trim overgrown trees and rake fallen leaves to create a well-manicured look.
  5. Mow the lawn and remove weeds from edges and cracks in the sidewalk.
  6. Fix up your mailbox to match your home by painting the trim or adding matching elements to make it more visually interesting.
  7. Install landscape lighting to boost your lot’s value and add safety and aestethic quality.
  8. Design a bed or potted garden in the front yard or porch. Incorporate a variety of plants and flowers. This will make your front yard more visually appealing by incorporating natural elements. Alternatively, add window boxes with flowers to introduce color into the house’s façade.
  9. Add molding or trim to make your entryway and windows pop out, or repaint your existing trim if necessary.
  10. Incorporate outdoor art, such as fountains, arbors, and well-placed statues.
  11. Update your gutters and down-spouts with brand new pieces if they are rusting or aging.
  12. Clean up your walkway by removing overgrown plants and adding a border along the edge.
  13. Repaint and update trim on your porch or railings.
  14. Install stone veneer.
  15. Fix up your driveway by sealing cracks and repaving.

Preparing for a home sale involves work both inside and out, but the curb side of the house will be the first aspect that is judged. Make sure to make a beautiful façade your first priority when getting ready to sell your house.

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