Homeowners Insurance is a daunting aspect of buying a home. It is a big responsibility on both ends of the coverage. The insured’s responsibility in that they need to follow through with more than just the bill they receive every month, or year for that matter. Filing claims, checking in on possible discounts, and making the agent aware of any other updates made to the home; regarding anything in or around it.

The insured also has to be able to communicate well with their agent. Be sure to have a good relationship with him/her. Your agent should give you a feeling of honesty, trustworthiness, and should make you feel like they truly are trying to help you out. If you are uneasy or feel awkward in the friendly conversation end of talking to your agent, chances are it might reflect in service or when something important arises with your home or property.

That being said it is never exclusively or completely up to the home buyer to be aware of everything that’s going on with your insurance. The only reason you would shop around for the best agent in the first place is to make sure he/she will, without discretion, fully do their job.

On the agent’s end of the business, he/she should periodically check the living status of their clients, and keep them updated with new business opportunities. There are some agents out there who are just looking to issue as many policies as they can. After issuing a policy, these types of producers have no deliberate ambition or intent for providing customer service in the future. The only thing they seek is to make sure they bring in enough business each day so that they can look back on the day and have a number for how business was.

Just like anything else in sales, the higher the number is at the end of the day, the more satisfied you are. Although, there are some producers or agents out there who can provide great customer service, and are not in it just for the sake of issuing a quick policy. The best ways to tell if an agent will follow through with being there when you need them are:

Listen to how they speak. If the man or woman curses from time to time or speaks unclearly that might be a sign.

Take his/her word for it. If an agent promises something good and then does not follow through, it might be a habitual thing and can lead to some frustration later on down the road of a business relationship.

Availability. If you are thinking about getting insurance with a particular company, yet can never reach the agent by phone, you need to go somewhere else. This usually means that the agent you continually play phone tag with is probably up to his knees with work and has way more than he can handle. You want to be covered by a company who can divide work equally, and translate that into the perpetual desire of taking care of their clients.

Remember, there will definitely be frustrating times in the future while living in your new home. You want to make sure that you made the right decision in trusting an agency to do their job and keep you protected.  Nothing is more important when it comes to your family and property. Do yourself a favor and make sure you have insurance with a company that you can fully trust, and an agent who will be there when you need him the most.

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