is the one place where you are in complete control. After making an account with open offer, you immediately have the opportunity to seek homes with the knowledge of how much each house is actually worth.  Not only do you have the ability to make bids on properties, but you now have your foot in the doorway to some of the secrets real estate agents are getting paid for.

Only on this website will you be able to get the best price for your dream home. Whether you are looking for your first house, luxury home, or even a little town house where you can get away for the weekend. Open offer provides the very best insight on buying and selling property and can help you in ways thought of as unimaginable.

Search for properties:

With open offer’s MLS searching system you have your eyes on all of the properties for sale in your area. You are now ready to, “shop around” as they say, and find a house you can mold into the home you have always wanted. This intricate searching system is the very same database used by real estate agents when they are looking around for their clients. There is no way you can go wrong while using the very same tools agents use, some on a day-to-day basis.

Become your own real estate agent by shopping around for houses way faster than you ever could on foot. You are now in the driver seat by having the ability to negotiate with multiple sellers at one time. Did you ever sell a home before and wonder…

“Hey, I think we could have found a way better price for what we got!”

Well if you’ve thought that with your current or past houses then you were probably right. Never miss out on a chance to save money again. Regret is not an option with open offer because the negotiation is the central part of the whole operation in buying or renting a home.

When making an offer on a property, you will make three different types of offers.

-The minimum amount you would bid.

-The maximum amount you would bid.

-And the price increments

Your increments:

Setting up your increments is undoubtedly influential to successfully becoming the winning offer on the home you’ve been searching for. If another person makes a bid on the same house you have previously made an offer for, the increment you have your offer set on will immediately go in effect and bump your offer higher than the newest bid. Make sure to keep an eye out for who’s been bidding lately and how much the price has gone up per bid.

The price WILL NOT change once the house is yours:

Once you’ve become the winning bidder on a house, the price you and the agent or sellers have agreed on is the price that it will be sold for. There will be no dramatic increase or hidden fee on the price you and the seller have agreed on.

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