scripps-ranchIf you’re selling a Scripps Ranch house in the current market there are a few things you need to be aware of that can aide you in that task. Scripps Ranch, while a part of the city of San Diego, is it’s own town. It’s got it’s own feel and that is evident in the look and feel of the neighborhoods and even in the decor.

Now, some people may think that “decor” has nothing to do with selling a home. That’s simply not true. There’s much more to selling a Scripps Ranch home than meets the eye, but neglecting the ye all together can be a grave mistake. Scripps Ranch is an upper middle class community and buyers are looking for upper middle class taste. This can be frustrating to some sellers, but put yourself in the buyers shoes. If you walk into a home that is filled with other peoples stuff, it can be difficult to imagine filling it with your own stuff. A quick visit to a model home in the area will give you plenty of suggestions that will make your home look enticing, but sometimes a little makeover isn’t enough.

If there are renovations that should be made in your home, you’re simply throwing away money if you don’t make them before your list your house for sale. On average the right renovations can earn you triple what you paid for them on the market. That is, if you renovate a kitchen and put in new wood flooring that costs $10,000 then you can often expect the price of your home to climb up an additional $30,000. It’s these renovations and “turn key” aspects that modern home buyers are looking for and they make selling your house much, much easier.

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Now that’s a prescription for success.

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