san diegoDriving through the communities and neighborhoods of San Diego may not be enough to tell you how safe each one is.  When you’re talking to a real estate agent, it’s illegal for them to use certain terms and words when recommending a community. In order to get reliable information that doesn’t include a prejudiced opinion, you need to check out the right sources.

Talk to the Police Department

Your first source is the local Police Department. Public information laws require them to have the last 30 days of incidents available for review. That means you can go in and ask to see what kind of calls have been handled in a community without filling out any special paperwork. This lets you know what kind of problems typically occur and how often.

Consult with Local Business Owners

Another resource is the local business owners. Each of these people has a vested interest in the safety of the community and can give you some valuable insight. Ask them if they have experienced a lot of break-ins or vandalism. If so, does it happen often or are the cases fairly isolated? Even though this is not an individual home, it will give you a picture of the activity that usually goes on.

Meet with School Representatives

The local schools can also be a reliable source of information. When major events occur with the students, the staff should be aware of them. They can tell you about events that occurred around the school and when they happened. If you have children that will attend in those areas, this will be of particular importance.

Don’t rely on just one person’s opinion of a neighborhood either. Combining the information you receive from all these sources will give you a more general perspective. Then, when you invest money in a San Diego home, you’ll feel better about the safety of your family.

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