We all want a place to get away to—a home, a condo or even a luxury estate where the world and all of our stresses can disappear for weekend or possibly even a week. When we go to the beach we see that quaint beach house just steps from the sand and our minds begin to wander with all the relaxing times it could provide. Going to play Golf with the boss, the condominiums with the balconies and stainless steel appliances right on the green get you thinking about just how much you could play and how you could be back home in time to spend time with the wife. Undoubtedly, you have gawked at that dream estate sitting high on the hill with sweeping ocean views and wondered who lives there.

We have all seen these great escape properties and have all played with the idea of one day occupying them. True, there are those of you out there who could simply decide buy one these great homes, condominiums or dream estates on a whim while walking down the beach or shooting Golf one day; but what about the rest of us? We all need an escape from the insanity of the work week and the hustle and bustle of the city, so what are your options if you are not this kind of fat cat? What if you really want that beach house on the sand or that condo on the links but you don’t have the money to buy? You might feel hopeless at this point—that your dream of occupying a home outside the city and your working life has been crushed. It’s hasn’t though. You answer is to rent.

There are plenty of people who only use their properties on a seasonal basis and are in search for people to occupy them when they are out of town. In a place like San Diego where “snowbirds” from the East Coast abound, the availability of these escape rentals is especially numerous in the summer when these “birds” have flown back to their homes east and left their winter escapes empty.

One last thing to consider is how often you are actually going to use the property. We all love to talk about getting away, but make sure your busy work schedule and family life permits.

In any event, don’t think you have to buy your escape home or condo. Realize that you can rent!

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