Solana BeachSolana Beach is, as you may have guessed, a beach town. Which can mean one of two or even both scenarios. There’s the Good. There’s the Bad. And sometimes there’s the Ugly. Here’s how to make any scenario work for you when trying to sell your house in Solana Beach.


Well, that’s not so bad is it? How I describe this is simple. Your home doesn’t have too much water damage, too much natural erosion and it’s ready to sell quick. This is the ideal scenario. However, depending on how old your home is you may run into-


Water damage and Natural erosion can be a pain, but it’s not unfix-able. The water damage can come from one of two things. One, you’re pipes have burst. That’s nothing new to any home owner. These things happen. If you want to sell your Solana house you better get that fixed quick, especially if there’s ANY mold, whatsoever. And Two. You live by a beach. If there’s no rain damage, which lets face it, if you live in Southern California there better not be, it might be from the humidity levels that come from living in close proximity to the beach. This can cause the worst of all scenarios…


Does your home have structural damage from water or natural erosion? Natural erosion is caused from the harsh winds and landscape that living by the beach brings. Walls can be warped, sand can crawl up into the corners and separate your build and the wood in your home can weaken. If that’s the case, not to worry. Get it fixed, clean it up and put it on the market. With limited inventories in Solana Beach, its almost guaranteed that your Beach house will sell fairly fast.

Now, here’s a tip that’s easy and simply to follow. Get your eyeballs on HGTV. Learn how to sell your home. Figure out what furniture combinations, decorations and even colors attract the home buyers eye. That way you’re not paying a professional a handsome sum to come in and do this much needed work for you.

Lastly, go to and list your house. Then just wait. The Offers will come in and you’ll be able to manage the price negotiation process and even see what your listing agent is doing on your behalf.

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