san-diego-bay-viewIn a suburban neighborhood, finding a home with a view is difficult. Usually, the only view you have is the backside of someone else’s fence.

But what if your options are not as limited? What if you have the funds to buy a beautiful home with a vista view? Is it worth spending the extra amount to purchase and will you earn your money back over time?

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Current Home Buying Perspective

Think about it from your current perspective. What does it mean to have that open space in front of your home and be able to enjoy nature’s beauty? If you’re willing to pay more for that, then of course, there are other buyers who will as well.

It’s just important to keep this in mind when you implement any changes. Make sure this view is not diminished so you end up losing money on a possible future sale of the property.

Paying for Full-Grown Trees and Plants

You must also consider the foliage and environment around the home. Is it shaded or do you need to bring in vegetation? If you are providing the landscape design yourself, how long will it take to be full grown? Most people don’t want to live in a hothouse on top of a hill.

For this reason, they are willing to pay more for a piece of real estate where the landscape and trees are well established. This is the kind of feature that can significantly increase the asking price of a home.

Planning a Landscape Budget

When you set up a consultation with a landscaping professional, find out what the price difference is between a full-grown tree and a seedling. It might be easier to earn your money back with a full-grown plant simply because of the home equity increase.

These are tips to keep in mind when you’re already planning on spending more for a house. Make sure the vegetation and landscape design is balanced and not overdone. However, also make sure there’s enough to create real value in the home, as well as relaxing place for your family.

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