Learning about short sale help and where to find it is half the battle forshort sale many homeowners. If you’ve made the decision to go ahead with a short sale in order to sell a property faster, you might be unfamiliar with the details.

Here is where talking to a professional can be helpful but where do you find one? Sure, there are plenty of short sale advertisements on the web for this kind of service, but can you get this same assistance for free? Is it worth paying for or will you find the same amount of information on your own?

Hiring a Short Sale Specialist

There are advantages to working with a real estate professional because they already know the ins-and-outs of the entire deal. They won’t have to spend any additional time researching because they have been through this several times before. Also, they might be able to save you some money on existing problems you may be responsible for.

This kind of assistance can keep you from losing time on the job, getting stressed out and investing any additional resources unnecessarily. Sellers that are in a hurry may want to use this purely for the convenience alone.

Researching Short Sales Yourself

For those that are not afraid of a little time and effort, they will find several free real estate contracts resources on the web to help with this topic. Not only can you get the definition of a short sale, but also find out all the important details that could make it go awry. You’ll find a list of documents that each short sale needs to include, such as the:

  • W-2 verifications
  • Bank Statements
  • Current Budget
  • Mortgage documentation
  • Hardship Letter
  • Bankruptcy Filing, if any

There are a few more, but these are examples that are common to each short sale. If you’re aware of these ahead of time and already have them together, then you’re saving everyone time. You can also find what documents the buyer is responsible to have ready for your review.

  • Authorization letter
  • Letter of Property Facts
  • Market Analysis
  • Pictures
  • Showing dates
  • Listing Contract
  • Purchase Contract
  • And more…..

When you come into a real estate consultation with this knowledge, you’ll know what to look for and what to ask about. Along with the above information, you’ll find there are free guides online that discuss short sales and how to handle them.

As long as you’re current with your information, your short sale should be as profitable as possible. Once you’re educated with this kind of help and where to find it, you’ll have fewer questions throughout the process and will be able to move ahead confidently.

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