You’ve played with the numbers, but found that currently you are in no position to buy a home or condo. And while you’re sure you’re going to get that promotion one day and that homeownership is without a doubt on the horizon, you simply need a place to live at the moment. That being said, you need to find an apartment, house or condominium to rent.

But where do you look for places to rent? Here are some alternative routes to consider :

(1)Drive/Walk around your neighborhood of interest

If your have a particular area of the city that you want to rent in, get away from the computer screen for awhile and walk or drive thought it looking for places for rent. Not all apartments or homes with vacancies advertise on the internet or in print so this “old fashioned” approach gives you access to properties that people solely using the internet or newspaper would never know of. Additionally, actually being at the property (1) gives you a better sense if it’s the right place for you and (2) presents the opportunity of actually being able to speak to management to see if indeed they are people you would feel comfortable renting from.

(2) Check online communities

Websites such as Craig’s List can be a very powerful tool in finding a place a rent. These online communities are especially appropriate for those who are strapped for cash and don’t need an entire apartment of their own. Most of these sites, for instance, are replete with large 4 bedroom apartments looking for people to fill empty rooms after a roommate decides to leave. And while these sites are very useful for matching renters up with these kinds of living situations, they are not particularly useful for renters who are looking to have a place of their own.

(3) Talk to a local property management company

In every major city there is inevitably one property management company that owns a wide variety of properties in neighborhoods across town. Checking in with them not only allows you to see a number of properties in one sitting, but often leads to actual tours of places you might be interested in. Virtual tours online are no substitute for this!

When looking to for a place to rent, consider these pursuing these avenues instead of simply sitting in front of your computer screen. Some day you might be very glad that you did!

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