In the wake of the epic blizzards that have hit the nation, many might be thinking about buying a house in a house in a warmer climate—to buy into real estate market where you are not snowbound in your home or forced to shovel mountains of it from your drive way. Perhaps there is no more ideal of a place to become a new homeowner at the moment than sunny, Southern California—a place where it rarely dips below 40 degrees and timeless desirability will keep home prices afloat.

But before you make that move to buy a home in Southern California, here’s a few reality checks you might want to consider before making that move:

(1) Desirability did not save southern California’s real estate market.

It’s easy to imagine beautiful southern California and it’s scenic communities being unfazed by the mortgage crisis of 2007. Those kinds of problems were for dusty Nevada or the swampy backwaters of central Florida, you’d say. However, southern California was actually one of the hardest hit in the nation and no community was spared—from La Jolla to El Centro, Riverside to Pacific Palisades. Know that southern California does have an allure that helps in selling a home, but realize that this does exempt your property from nationwide problems

(2) Private education might be needed for your children

Sotuhern California maybe one of the most desirable real estate markets in the United States, but it’s school system—to put it lightly—leaves to be desired. Consistently ranked at the bottom of national lists and consistently strapped for cash, California has a big problem with education. There are a few markets that are serviced by stellar public institutions. However, you should factor in the possible expense of a private education for your children when considering your move.

(3) The cost of living in southern California is very high

There is no other way to put it—everything is just more expensive here. From the price of a house to the price of a gallon of gas, you have to factor in the unavoidable reality that you are going to be paying more to do everything in southern California. Not accounting for this considerable difference in expenses can be enough to sink some homeowners’ dreams

The Golden state would love to have you, but do make sure that you have thought about these issues before you make the move to invest in the real estate market here.

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