You may have heard the statistic that moving is the third biggest stressor following death and divorce. Buying a new house or apartment can be a dream come true, but relocating to a new place, even if its sunny San Diego, can throw our lives upside down. The moving process rips you away from familiar friends, institutions, and patterns of living, a traumatizing experience for some. To overcome this trauma, approach relocation with a prepared and organized mindset. That way, you will save your sanity for the important task of getting settled into your new home and neighborhood.

Begin by packing your house in a smart way and making a list of where important items are packed. Pack boxes according to relevance and ease of access, in addition to location and room. For example, those items that will be needed right away, such as light bulbs and toilet paper, should be stored in such a way that they can be easily found when it’s time to unpack.

Keep a folder or file that contains moving documents and other items related to the move. Within that folder, maintain a list of tasks to be completed, like transferring utilities, finding a doctor, and important information about new schools and institutions. Prior to departure, conduct adequate research on the details of your new locale, so you are not crunched to do so in the midst of the move.

Make copies of all important documents and records, and keep them in a safe place. Make sure you have access to important items like birth certificates and medical records. Imagine, as an example, you need to pick up a prescription for your son, but your new pharmacy requires a copy of his health insurance card, which is hidden somewhere amongst dozens of packed boxes. You can avoid such a dilemma by keeping such items accessible and noting where they are located.

Relocating to a new house or home is not just about moving from Point A to Point B. It requires effort to integrate into a new place. Rather than spend your time hanging pictures, get out and learn about your new county or city! Whether you are moving to  Fallbrook or Chula Vista, you can find and attend local events, classes, and restaurants. You will not only make friends, but learn about the local culture. With a bit of concerted effort, you will  integrate yourself into the community and quickly overcome the stress of relocation.

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