puppiesMany people have pets instead of children, and consider them to be just as much a member of the family. When you are buying a Condo, or relocating, and you have pets, you might want to consider finding a Condo or a Townhouse, that your pets will be able to enjoy, as well.

The first thing you should do is consider the city and county you are moving into. Many places have restrictions on the types of animals you can keep as a pet. If you have a unique animal, you may not be able to move into a certain neighborhood due to these types of restrictions.

You should also look into any Homeowner’s Associations. Many Homeowner’s Associations either forbid pets or restrict pets to a certain size and weight. Do not assume that you can get away with anything. Homeowner’s Associations can often have severe penalties if you break any of their rules.

Check out your neighborhood and see if it is pet friendly. Are there people walking their dogs? Do you see cats in windows? It’s a good sign, and it will be safer for your pets, if the neighborhood has receptacles for dog waste and people walking dogs on leashes.

When examining the Condos and its layout, consider what needs you have for your pet. If you typically bathe your pet outdoors, is their an outdoor water faucet? If you have an older pet, it may have trouble with stairs. If you have a lot of cats, windows with ledges are ideal napping spots. If you want your pets to stay in certain rooms only, is the Condo’s layout conducive to those restrictions? There are a lot of considerations that you need to think about when determining if a home is a right fit for both you and your pet.

To search for per friendly condos, simply go to http://www.openoffer.com/condos and select “Pet Friendly” in the search options.

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