It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon or brain scientist to figure out that the vast majority of condos out there in the world today tend to be quite a bit smaller than the vast majority of single-family homes. There is nothing inherently wrong with that, of course, but it pays to keep that in mind when considering remodeling projects. There are some simple, relatively easy remodeling projects that can increase the value of your condo, while at the same time allow you to put your artistic flair to some good use.

If you live in a condo and are looking for some tips, ideas and suggestions about what kind of remodeling projects are going to fit both your budget and your condo at the same time, save yourself from pulling out all your hair in frustration and keep in mind your condo’s total square footage. This will, of course, not only save you some hair, but it can also be the spark of inspiration you didn’t even know you were looking for until the firestorm of ideas burn across your brain.

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Before we get into any particular remodeling ideas, there is one monumentally vital thing you must do. It is normally a simple, straightforward process, and it could wind up saving you a lot of time and money. And that is to get in touch with your condo’s or homeowner’s association representative and run every detail past him or her to make absolutely, 100 percent sure that every part of your project will fall under the guidelines and specifications unique to your association.

OK. Now that you have checked and double checked and received the green light from your association we can begin to talk about specific remodeling projects that tend to be not only universally acceptable in condo complexes, but also comparatively simple, fun and easy to accomplish.

If your primary reason for remodeling your condo is to get it looking its Sunday best in order to hopefully sell it quickly, then you will probably want to tune up all of your appliances, electrical outlets and switches, your HVAC unit and the other practical and essential items inside your unit. These projects are typically more maintenance than they are remodeling, but they can be just as rewarding and satisfying as other more creative endeavors.

Speaking of creativity, one of the best and most fun ways to make your condo project your personality is via the medium of paint. Oh sure, you can decorate a room with knick knacks and artwork, but it is the color that sets the mood and aura. If you are planning on staying in your condo for the foreseeable future, then you might feel more confident with your favorite colors, regardless of what anyone else might think.

When it comes to remodeling in a condo, kitchen and bathroom projects normally wind up giving you more bang for your buck, so to speak, than the other rooms. Whether you live in a mansion, condo or anything in between, it almost always seems like the kitchen isn’t big enough. Some tricks of the trade to bolster your kitchen’s appearance and make it appear bigger, or at least more appealing, include installing under-cabinet lighting, mounting cabinets that reach the ceiling and are lighter in tone for increased storage space and brighter ambiance, and replace your counter tops with granite ones; unless, of course, you already have granite cabinets.

In your bathrooms, you might try replacing your sinks, vanity, light fixtures and/or flooring. Our old friend paint can be leaned on here too, providing you with a new-looking room without having to do a major overhaul.

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