Home staging is a vital element of selling residential real estate that is too often neglected.

Why Home Staging is Important

If you are maybe thinking that home staging is not important, or not worth the effort, or not a worthwhile use of your time, or any number of other reasons to skip this process, you would miss out on one of the cheapest, easiest and quickest ways to showcase your home in its best light.

Home staging share a number of qualities with setting the stage for individual scenes in a theater production, such as a play or musical performance. Even though most of these qualities evoke an intangible impact on their respective audiences, making it relatively hard to measure their impact, you can rest assured that they both do have an impact.

Imagine if you went to a play that was supposed to take place in a house or apartment and when the opening curtain is drawn, there is only an empty stage, or there is furniture, but it’s arranged in an apparently haphazard manner. You would no doubt form an opinion about this living space based on your first impression of it.

So, in order to ensure they see your home in its best possible light, check out some of these home staging tips:

Search and ResearchStaging the House for Sale Image

This step is especially important if it has been a couple of years or more since you last sold a home. Real estate is kind of like clothing when it comes to fashion trends, various color hues and many other mostly visual factors. Thankfully, the internet makes this incredibly easy. Search for home staging articles or blogs, examine photos and watch videos. Then actually attend a few open houses in your area. All of these measures will serve to stimulate your imagination and creative impulses, which you can then unleash upon your own home.


One of the most difficult steps in the home staging process, but also one of the most vital, is to remove as much of yourself from your home as possible, or at the very least, from the primary living spaces.

The biggest reason why this is so hard for people to accomplish is that we all tend to fall into patterns in just about every facet of our lives. So, you might remove all of the obvious personal items, such as family photos, seasonal and other knick-knacks and the like, which is a perfect start, and think you’re done. At this point, however, it would behoove you to get the opinion of your real estate agent or other outside party. You might be surprised at what they find.

Use Priority Staging Techniques

You do not need to stage your entire house. Most folks who come to look at your home will primarily focus their attention on the relatively large and most used rooms, such as the kitchen, living room and master bedroom.

Home staging gives you the power to control, or at least manipulate, potential buyers’ first impression of your home. And we all know that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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