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Privacy is a huge issue in today’s real estate. Houses are built so close together that you can practically hand your neighbor some tissue from your bathroom window to his.

In order to maintain some semblance of family space and privacy from prying eyes, many homeowners opt to build a fence.

Of course, this is regulated by the city and most of the time, the height of the fence is limited to six feet.

However, there are other ways of building a fence that will not only keep your space for family eyes only, but will discourage people from trying to gain entrance illegally.

Options for Vine Plants

If you start out with a wood fence, this gives your yard a fairly generic look. In time and without regular maintenance, the boards may start to shrink and create gaps that are easily seen through.

Now, if you were to start a vine plant in one corner of the fence, this would completely cover those boards after a couple years. The vines on the downside will increase the speed of the wood breakdown cycle.

That means that you may end up paying for rotted fence board replacement much sooner than you originally anticipated.

So what’s the cure?

Type of Home Fence Materials

Regulations in the city typically limit your fence height, but not always the fence type.

There is always the option of putting up a metal type fence where plants can grow through and around quite easily.

How does this keep out unwanted visitors?

Depending on the type of plants you grow, many people are allergic to certain things and just don’t feel like getting poked with the natural spikes that grow on vines and other plants.

When this is the case, you have a natural barbed wire fence that didn’t cost you an additional penny.

Cozy Security versus Urban Prison

The beauty of a natural looking fence is that it gives your yard a sense of cozy security. It’s not going to be the prison look of a chain-link fence and it’s not going to be the generic wood fence that every other house on the block has.

Instead, it’s going to create a sort of cottage environment that will immediately increase the appeal of your property.

Creating an oasis like this in the middle of a suburban neighborhood allows you to significantly increase your asking price if you decide to sell later on. This may not be your objective but you still get to enjoy those benefits and perceived value levels while you’re there.

If you’re considering a fence for your home, make sure you check out all your options first. You may be surprised to find out how natural or organic a home fence can really be, but also effective at the same time.

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