You want to live large. And after deciding to move to San Diego, you know that you don’t want to purchase a run of the mill home or condominium. You want buy a luxurious property that is on par with your high rolling lifestyle. But unlike many people who are searching for dream home in the city, you don’t want an estate by the beach in communities like La Jolla and Del Mar. The smell of ocean air drifting through your house and easy access to the beach from your property is something that you could live with out. Moreover, you want to be at the center of things and are willing to live in a smaller home to have that. Downtown is where you want to be and you’re out to find a luxurious condominium in its heart.

Downtown San Diego is quite large and diverse, so where do you begin looking for your dream home? What kind of properties are available? Though money is not an option, about how much are you going to be spending on your luxurious condo? How hard hit were property values after the housing bubble burst in 2007?

San Diego has experienced an unprecedented revival of it’s downtown after years of neglect, crime and other social maladies. This gentrification has led to a real estate boom and the construction of many new properties and housing options (especially in East Village). And although prices dropped after the 2007 mortgage crisis, they have come back a bit and remain well above the average price of a home in San Diego. However, you don’t want any old neighborhood in downtown; that is, you’re looking to buy a condominium in the most luxurious of these rather expensive areas. If this sounds like you, then you should be looking at condos in the Horton Plaza neighborhood were the current median home price is $1,050, 000—a value that is quit similar to the exclusive, beach front communities of La Jolla and Del Mar. Horton Plaza offers a vast array of luxurious properties to choose from and is located right in the center of downtown. As such, world class dining and entertainment is always just a simple walk away.

Downtown San Diego is buzzing with activity these days. To have a luxurious place to call home at the very heart of it all would simply be a dream come true

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