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You know how you clean to get ready for the housekeeper to come? The same sort of concept applies when a homeowner is getting ready for an appointment with the appraiser.

While cleaning up for a housekeeper may be unnecessary, doing so for an appraiser is actually worth your time. The less clutter you have around the property, the more they are going to see.

This will help them get a more correct value for the lot and the building together, giving you a higher asking price.

Cosmetic Repairs are Easy

Make sure any cosmetic repairs are completed before they arrive. If you can cover up some ugly areas of the walls or repair broken doors, then it’s worth spending a few hours doing it.

Each of these items, if left untouched, will bring the value of your home down bit by bit. There is no need to have that notated on their appraisal when the repair materials are so cheaply priced.

Bright Lights are Your Friend

Keep the lighting bright and natural if possible so there won’t be any dark and gloomy corners or rooms. The perception they have of the house will resemble that of any home buyers in the future, especially if they haven’t seen it before.

Take advantage of this and watch their reaction as they enter each room, making notes for things to change or improve later on.

Yards and Curb Appeal

Don’t forget the outside either as yards should be clean and mowed. Any landscape design, especially with grown plants and established vegetation, will increase the value of the lot.

Rather than have to pay for the purchase and installation of these plants, home buyers will have the benefit of already existing gardens and plants. If nothing else, this saves them the hassle of trying to plant it on their own, especially if they don’t have a green thumb.

Prepare Like It’s Family Visiting

The idea is to make your house as beautiful and attractive as possible. Anything you would do before your mother-in-law shows up is something you should do right now. All those hidden corners of clutter and boxes that haven’t been unpacked should definitely be removed.

While the appraiser will not feel as free to make personal comments, they will be taking just as careful notes.

Take the time to show off the real estate and house like you plan on selling it and this will give you the best appraisal report possible.

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