Garden in Real Estate ImageThere are two kinds of people in the world: people who like to garden and people who eat the garden. In real estate, simply having a garden in place can increase the value of the entire lot.

Not only does this show potential buyers the potential of the property, but you may have already started the foundation of something they love to do.

Even if they don’t plan on using the space for a garden after purchasing the home, it gives them ideas on how to make the most of the yard. There could be room for a shed, a small workshop or a play center for the kids.

Either way, this is an excellent way to showcase your property in pictures or in person during tours with potential buyers.

Beauty of a Garden

Another way that gardening makes properties more attractive is to add simple beauty. You don’t have to have an active vegetable garden.

It could be something as simple as a rock garden or a waterfall surrounded by beautiful plants. Sometimes it’s these small additions that add the perfect touch to any front and back yard.

It also keeps the maintenance to a minimum, especially with a rock garden. Keep this in mind when you’re pricing the property because buyers are willing to pay more for a lot with established vegetation.

Watering Systems for Gardens

Watering systems for the home lot should already be in place as well. Whether you choose to use a drip system or timed sprinklers, this will keep the plants healthy and growing. By waiting until you have time to get to them and watering by hand, they may not thrive as well.

This could result in having to pay for replacement plants and losing money on this investment. Instead, make sure you can install the complete package at once and make this easier on everyone. The resale value of the home increases because of this investment so you’ll be able to get a return on your money later on.

Benefits of Gardens

Gardens can add beauty and/or food or both, and the choices are completely up to you. Know that each one is worth your time though and could significantly increase the value of your house and the surrounding lot.

If it’s a hobby, that’s great, but if not, it’s worth looking into a low-maintenance type of garden to make your home more attractive to everyone.

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