Are you considering buying a condo or living in a multi-family building? While you will have your own living space, it might be a chance of pace to share common areas with your neighbors and live by the same rules outside your front door.

Multi-Family Building ImageIn these types of living situations, it’s very easy to chafe against the rules and feel like you’re being hampered from living your own personal style.

However, there are ways to cope that will help you keep your sanity, keep neighbors and friends as such and make sure your family has their own private space.

Privacy is usually the biggest objection to living in a building like this. Your neighbors will see every visitor you have, every family member that spends the night and will probably be able to keep up on what car you’re driving from day to day.

While this may create a small sense of security, it can also be easy to cross boundaries if they feel like they can ask you about anything. Anytime you’re talking with your neighbors in the condo or multi-family building, make sure you leave personal and private matters outside of the conversation.

Privacy is a Sanity Saver

For example, if your family is struggling with a particular situation, it’s already stressful enough. You shouldn’t have to walk down the halls knowing that half the building is discussing it as well and weighing in with their opinions. Living nearby should not mean they live inside your head too.

It will be up to you to set this standard and politely redirect conversations to non-personal issues and matters that affect the building environment.Of course, you will also need to extend this courtesy to your neighbors and avoid asking any burning questions you have after observing them. This is the unwritten rule that applies to everyone when you purchase living space in a building of this type.

Noise Levels and Everyday Life

Granted, the walls should be enough to keep the family noises from neighbors out of your home, but some events such as birthday parties, tend to spill over in terms of noise levels. If you anticipate this in the near future, be polite and notify your neighbors with a general summary of what’s happening.

For parking purposes, keep your guests’ cars out of the private parking area and let them know you have to observe noise rules in the building. This etiquette towards your neighbors will help you become a respected member of the indoor society and will be extended back to you.

If you have children in a condo building, then you’re probably not the only family living there. Make sure your children know to be respectul and quiet in the halls so as not to disturb others.

There may be separate rules inside your living space, but teach them that what they do outside affects others’ comfort. These are also just good rules for life in general, let alone living in a multi-family building.

Association Fees and Monthly Payments

Make sure you keep up on any monthly payments that are due as these usually cover insurance, ground care and a variety of other building services. If you skimp on this, it could damage your credit with the finance office and this will keep you from obtaining real estate loans in the future.

Even if you don’t plan on staying in this home for a long period of time, it’s better to keep your financial records spotless. This allows you to have greater and more varied real estate purchasing opportunities in the future so you and your family can be happy in any home.

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