imgres-1The moment you step in your new home, it can seem a little overwhelming. It would be great if you didn’t see a stack of boxes in every corner, but this is usually the case.

So how can you get through this part of the process without feeling like you’re drowning in cardboard?

In order to move into any new residence, it’s best to come up with a plan. There are certain things you need to get through a day and these will definitely what you unpack first. However, from that point, it’s just a matter of going from one room to another.

If you start in the bathroom, complete the bathroom entirely. Go from ceiling to floor and put up every single detail that will become a part of that room. Then, when you close that door, you can walk away knowing it’s fully functional, fully decorated and ready for anyone to walk into.

Not only does this help your sanity but it gives you a more complete feeling of accomplishment as you move through the house. Take one room per day and focus on that alone. It will keep you from making trips back and forth between rooms and you’ll have immediate results to show for all that work.

This method of moving into a new home helps you avoid living out of boxes for months because it’s a determined goal you have from day one. Unless you’re sick, make sure you get up each day and do these tasks. While it may not be fun to tackle all of that right after moving out of your old house, you will feel so much better when it’s done.

Consider the families who still have boxes in their garage after living in a different home for two years. How much time do they spend thinking about those boxes? They waste more energy not doing with them than you will by unpacking them immediately. The move itself will seem a lot easier and shorter by diving into the hard tasks.

Nobody likes to unpack, but once you’ve taken the time and paid the money for a brand new family home, you might as well enjoy it fully. Besides that, it will help you start to see the potential of your new real estate in terms of both current use and future possibilities.

Safety is also a concern as the more time you have boxes laying around, the more chances there are that someone will trip and get injured. Avoid a possible lawsuit or hospital bill and move in to your house completely as soon as possible.

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