Short sales in Del Mar are very attractive. Of course, the very nature of a short sale often is. Short sale are often made to look that way so that they’ll attract a number of different buyers. Which at it’s core probably sounds like every other home on the market. It’s not like people set out to find the perfect person to buy their home. Home sellers would prefer a number of different people fight it out and cause a bidding war. Well, that doesn’t tend to happen these days for a home unless it’a short sale.

Del Mar short sales are fantastic homes. They’re the product of a very unfortunate market that ends up being extremely fortunate for people who are buying. It’s the ugly side of profit. At one point the home was purchased. Usually it was purchased for a high amount. An amount that, at the time, didn’t seem so high, because the market then was doing very well. That’s when things got bad. The market flipped and so too did the price of the home. Which left the home owner “underwater” on their mortgage. Suddenly they found themselves owing the bank more money than their property was worth. Thus, you have the term “short sale”.


So there’s only one thing to do in this. The bank and the home owner must agree to take a loss and get rid of the property. So it hits the market at a VERY attractive price. And like flies to honey the home buyers come. That’s when it gets complicated and tedious and annoying. That’s when the bidding war begins.

Well, guess what. There’s a new sheriff in town and that ugly part doesn’t even apply to you. If you’re buying a Del Mar short sale all you have to do is sit back and let someone else do the negotiating for you. That someone is is the first website to give you, the buyer, all of the tools that the pros have. Not only do you get to see EVERY offer made on the home, but you get to determine how much the home is actually worth and how much your max offer should be.

Del Mar is an amazing place to live. And if you’re looking to get into a short sale situation then is the place to start looking.

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