Buying a foreclosure in La Jolla is not the easiest process in the world. This part of the country has seen just as many foreclosures hit the market in the last few years as the rest of the country. And while there are commercials and junk emails that say buying a foreclosure is easy, if you’ve ever attempted to purchase an REO then you know that that’s simply not the case.

La Jolla Foreclosures can be a sticky subject. When it comes to buying a property that was seized by a bank there are a number of hoops to jump through. Especially if that bank is a smaller lender. Yes, it’s just as complicated to purchase a bank owned property from a larger bank, but there’s a well established protocol in those cases. Often banks will gain attention for their homes by baiting buyers with low, low prices. However, once you express interest and even make an offer, things get a little murky.

La Jolla foreclosures are an even more difficult market to navigate, because most often the value of the homes in this category are much higher than the bank is asking. At first. It’s a process that has been known to drag out while the bank seeks to ascertain exactly how much they can get for the property by playing multiple offers off of each other. In that way, foreclosures are like short sales. And let’s say you’ve gotten to the point where the bank is ready to accept your offer. Well, sometimes they’ll throw a curve ball like having the home reappraised. If it’s appraised at a higher price than what they’ve agreed to they can void the deal and leave you in the cold.


Well not anymore. La Jolla foreclosures, and any foreclosure for that matter are now as easy to purchase as any other property. Thanks to is the first and only website that gives the buyer, the seller and professionals all of the same information. It levels the playing field and lifts the veil of secrecy that hangs over the real estate market.

Now the only thing you need if you want to buy a La Jolla foreclosure is time. Just sit back and let do the rest.

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