Buying a home in Carmel Valley means one thing. You’re so lucky. Really you are. Carmel Valley is one of the most beautiful places in the world, in my humble opinion. The sweeping green valley and rolling hills are just breathtaking. Also, if you’ve got the cash to live in Carmel Valley then what I should really be saying is, congratulations! Because it’s not cheap living somewhere so gorgeous.

Yes, Carmel Valley is an affluent Southern California town, like Del Mar, or La Jolla, but no, it’s nothing like those towns at all. First off, it’s not a beach town. Not that ┬áthere’s anything wrong with beach towns, but let’s just say that citizens in Carmel Valley aren’t as laid back (re. LAZY). Which is good news for people buying a home in Carmel Valley because home sellers are ready to sell and that means homes are often turn key.

Now, just because Carmel Valley is a wealthy town, that doesn’t mean that you can only find super expensive homes. You certainly can buy a luxury home in Carmel Valley, but you’re bound to find just as many single family homes here as well. And this is the best place to look for a great place to live. Not just because these homes tend to run cheaper, but because you can get all of the luxury for half of the price.


Like I said before, home owners in Carmel Valley know what they’re doing. they’ve got great taste and when they’re ready to sell they step it up. It’s a smart town when it comes to real estate. You’ll be hard pressed to find a home that needs tons of work. Owners here know that putting a little into your home can get you a lot more money when you sell it.

Finally what makes home owners in Carmel Valley some of the most informed in this, or any, real estate market, is is the first and only website that gives homes buyers, home sellers and real estate professionals all of the same tools. It’s proof positive that leveling the playing field works out best for everyone. Not only do you know everything there is to know about a home, you get to control every step along the way.

Carmel Valley may be a beautiful place to live, but with OpenOffer it’s not out of reach. Log on today to start you’re home search now.

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