Selling a home in Del Mar can be easier than counting 1, 2, 3. Mainly because there are really only three steps you need to do now in order to make your home look appealing to buyers and now, for the fist time ever, be able to control the entire process from the comfort of your own (soon to be sold) home. But first let’s talk about where you’re selling in the first place.

Buyers in Del Mar are a different class. Literally. They tend to be more wealthy than the average citizen. Which is a silly thing to say, really. Seeing as how the average citizen is not at all wealthy. Unless you live in Del Mar that is! You get what I’m trying to say here? Del Mar is an affluent town. So if you’re selling a home in Del Mar you’ve got your work cut out for you. Let’s just say that there is a certain bar that buyers here are used to. And it’s wise to reach it.

The first thing you need to realize, which is hard for some people, is that if you’re trying to sell you need stop looking at your home as the place you and your family have grown together in over the years. It’s no longer the warm cozy little retreat from the rest of the world that you’re used to. Now? It’s a piece of property. It’s a product. And if capitalism has taught us anything it’s that the most attractive product does the best in the market place. My first suggestion? Visit an open house. Take in all of the ways that the professionals make a home look attractive then apply it to your own Del Mar home.


Secondly, renovate. It’s simple. If you want to maximize the amount you’re going to get then you need to put a little money to get a lot back. Be smart about what you do. Look at areas that modern buyers are attracted to. Kitchen’s, bathrooms, etc. And be sure to hire someone who isn’t going to drag the process out.

Lastly, log onto There you’ll discover what home sellers have never known until now. You’ll discover the inside track on selling your home. You’ll know everything the pros know and it will be as clear as day.

Now, good luck on selling your home. But with OpenOffer, you won’t need it.

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