Wouldn’t you like to know that you are getting the best deal possible when you buy your dream home?  San Diego is revolutionizing the Real Estate industry with openoffer.com. Openoffer.com is the only real estate site that allows home buyers to really know if they are getting a good deal when purchasing their San Diego dream home.  You won’t have to worry anymore about someone else offering just a little bit more and stealing your San Diego dream house from under you either.

As a San Diego real estate agent I often get asked the question, “How do I know I am getting a good deal on a house, or not? In this San Diego real estate market who really knows? Everyone will tell you something different, because everyone has a different perspective. The entire Real Estate industry has been turned on its head. The banking industry was definitely not prepared for all of this mess. Agents are walking into all kinds of new and unfamiliar situations. Sellers are devastated and angry that their biggest investment has gone down the toilet.  However; we do know that buyers finally have access to some great deals on San Diego homes.

With so many foreclosures flooding the market, the trend now is to price properties very low to encourage multiple offers.  The problem, is that if you really want the house, you have no idea how much to increase your offers by, if the seller asks for “highest and best offer”. The idea is to have your offer be just a little better than the last home buyer. But, you don’t want to offer too much so that you are significantly over paying what the fair market value should be. It’s very hard to know how much to offer when you have no idea what the other offers on the table are. Openoffer.com takes care of all of that for you, and allows you to adjust your offers and counter offers to the unique circumstances of each new home purchase. You won’t have to guess what the other home buyers are offering any more. Because, once you set your negotiating criteria openoffer.com takes care of the negotiating for you, until the best price is reached.

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