Cardiff by the Sea townhouses are just as nice as a luxury home anywhere else. That’s a bold statement, I know. You might think I’m just being hyperbolic and even flat out lying, but here’s the thing. I’m not. At all. Does living on a mountain sound like an exaggeration? How about views of the ocean? When I say if you purchase a townhouse in Cardiff you’ll love the tennis courts, sauna and gyms, does it sound like I’m over-exaggerating to you? No, because that’s exactly what you get.

Cardiff by the Sea condos are a great way to take part in an amazing community. Not only do you get to live in one of the nicest affluent areas in the world, taking part in all of the fantastic opportunities that your wealthy neighbors do and enjoy the breathtaking views that God, it seems, supervises on a daily basis, but you get to do at a much lower price than everyone else.

Now this shouldn’t be the only reason for buying a townhouse in Cardiff by the Sea. First you need to ask yourself if you’re a townhouse kind of person. Here’s the criteria.


A) Are you not a millionaire? Because if you are than hey, buy a house. Buy two! But if you’re not a millionaire then maybe you should consider going a little smaller. I’m not talking about buying a studio apartment above a warehouse in downtown San Diego. You don’t have to do that, but if you want to live in Cardiff by the Sea, you need to think a little smaller.

B) Do you like neighbors? If you have a problem living in close proximity with others then stay away from condo communities. Most often you have to share walls, outdoor space and your privacy is limited. However, if you’re fine with living near others, say you’re a recent college grad or an older home owner looking to stay close to people in case you need help, condos in Cardiff by the Sea are a perfect buy.

Lastly, are you open to a great lifestyle that’s affordable, fun and part of the one of the nicest places on the planet, Cardiff by the Sea? If so, then it’s time to log onto and get your condo search started.

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