Buying a single family home in Del Mar is a reality. I know what you’re thinking. “Del Mar is that super affluent town in Southern California, right? I can’t afford to live there. Can I?” Well, yes you can. And the homes available here that aren’t overlooking the ocean, perched on top of a cliffside or propped up on stilts on the side of a mountain, are just as nice.

OK, OK, maybe not “just” as nice, but I guarantee you they’re the nicest single family homes you’ll ever see. These homes aren’t in competition with the larger estates nearby, but there’s something about being in proximity to them that ups the game of home builders, designers and even home owners alike. If you’re worth your salt at all in those three three categories you’re not going to just let the your rich neighbors run away with the “Nicest Single Family Homes in Del Mar Award” are you? I know I wouldn’t.

Designers come to Del Mar to impress. They know that if they have the opportunity to draw up homes for people looking to buy in this town they better bring their “A” game. It’s not that people in buying homes in Del Mar are snooty and expect too much. It’s that they expect the best out of those working for them. And in Del Mar, home designers definitely are working for you.

The builds themselves are unusual as well. I don’t mean that once the builders get the designs they change them and do what they want. No. I mean what makes them unusual is that the builds seem to be made better than your average home. Again, home buyers like yourself expect the best. They’re not going to settle for cookie cutter McMansions. No sir, not in Del Mar.


Now, the people you’re buying from. The Home Owners. The sellers of homes in Del Mar know how to make their home the most tantalizing to buyers as possible. In general there is a sense of style and know how and don’t be surprised to find out that they’ve hired someone to come in and spruce the place up just for you. Now, that might sound bad. You don’t want to be bamboozled do you? Well, with you won’t be.

With you’ll be able to know exactly what others are offering for the house you want. That way you’ll be able to determine exactly what the home is worth. With OpenOffer buying a Del Mar home has never been easier.

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